Everything was filled with meaning yet she felt nothing

She grew up surrounded by superstition. Every corner of their house was anchored in some deeply held belief which at times went beyond what most could fathom. She stared at the broom, the elephant, the hanging garlic and took in a deep fresh breath.

She wanted to cry and hold herself tight. Everything was filled with meaning yet she felt nothing. Meaning was lacking everywhere.

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  1. As Much Disbelief in Ivory
    Towers around the Internet
    That Post Modernism isn’t
    Really A Human Way of
    Creating Our Realities
    As even Neuroscience
    Shows Now Our Mind
    Does as Eastern
    often call
    all of
    We create as
    Does Neuroscience
    Now Name it Hallucinations
    We create Based on the past
    Hallucinations We Create in
    Experience then..
    the Neo-Cortex
    Constructs an
    Illusion of Past
    Experience and
    Future Possibilities
    in Predicting Reality Next too…
    My God Now A Very Superstitious
    Trump Reality Created by Changing
    Mass Stories Mostly False Now a Gas-lit
    Post Modern Story of Life in Dark of Co-Creation


    We Will
    Create Any
    Reality Nightmare
    And Dream True
    Elm Street
    i am
    Raised too….

    Why Live on ‘Elm Street’
    if You Don’t Really Have
    to.. i for Sure Moved And ain’t going back..:)


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