Weaning off the drip

Drip, drip, drip

Saline into my core

Weaning off the drip

Slowly molasses into a river

Categories: Psychology

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  1. SMiLes ‘This’ Reminds me of the
    Bottom of the Pit of Hell of almost
    no Sleep for 40 days, just 35 Hours
    in all those 40 Days where they
    Gave me Intravenous Sodium
    And Potassium as i was
    Dangerously low
    on Both
    the Most
    Horrible Part
    was there was a
    TV Screen with a
    Movie on Above the
    Bed and i could not feel
    Any Warm Emotions out of
    the Humanity Playing or anywhere
    else for i had come to the Room of Hell
    But it’s True the Molasses of Heaven’s Blood
    Runs Free Again through the Child Who Feels all that
    is Love
    for Life
    i Believe
    That Child
    is the Molasses
    in Our Veins We
    all Seek one day in Find
    of Life to Indeed Be Born Again..:)


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