Talk about June Gloom

Five years ago, when I first moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco, I was excited for the warm weather, palm trees, and southern California vibe. Then as the months came and went, I came to realize that that vibe was not vibing all that much with me. First off, the palm trees are not really all that grand. Nor are they everywhere. They often looked one step away from falling over. Ouch. I said it. Second, that vibe was often a bit off. It wasn’t as relaxed as widely advertised. Third, the weather wasn’t always perfect, either.

I came to learn of June gloom. And, the term perfectly captures the mood. June gloom is a term for a southern California weather pattern of cloudy, gray overcast skies with cool temperatures. I had expected June to be all sunshine and warmth. Yet, it was at times a bit depressing. Particularly in contrast to its potential. That was the part that really got to me.

Fast forward to this June in New York, the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. Talk about June Gloom. We’ve had rain and extreme humidity. There have been very hot sunshine-filled days. Yet, the gloom lingers in the air. We want to get back to normal. We want to bask in the sun and some of us have. However, the intermittent rain washes out the days of sun in our minds. We are in a state of gloom.

We need July to be vibrant and coming roaring in. It needs to help us forget what we have just gone through. We need July light!

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  1. Sounds like my stereotyped notions of LA that I’ve got from books & films doesn’t quite jibe with the reality. It’s sad to think the gloominess is in NY too. I think the cloud of worry and uncertainty and heartache and anger during the pandemic is stretching across the world. We’ve got grey, chilly and rainy weather here in the UK and it just ups the gloom factor and makes everything feel worse. We DEFINITELY need some summer weather in July to perk us up. Sunshine and warmth can make everything feel that bit brighter. Fingers crossed!

    Caz xx


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