Captain Marvel: The end credits spring forward



My son and I have a tradition of going to see movies during the weekend and then dissecting the films thereafter. Its fun. He’s opinionated as am I. He especially likes seeing the Marvel Universe movies as he knows the background stories. Me, not so much. And, that is just fine for us both. He feels that he can inform me. I love listening to him theorize.  After Infinity War last year, it was with grand anticipation that we went to watch Captain Marvel. He liked it. I didn’t. Sadly.



I bought advanced tickets for Captain Marvel. We talked about what it could possibly be like. We really looked forward to it. And, after ten minutes I was done. Well, not really. But I never connected with the protagonist Carol Danvers. I liked Goose the cat, which is surprising because I am more of a dog person. But I felt that Goose gave a more nuanced performance than Brie Larson. Ouch. Harsh? Maybe.  It was a perfectly ok movie.


Captain Marvel is the first female-led superhero movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.But for a female superhero film, perhaps I expected more. I never felt her pain. Never felt her angst. And when she had her first big fight scene, the use of No Doubt’s song Just a Girl felt out of place. The melody didn’t go with the weight (or what should have been the weight) of the fight scene. I will note that she was a strong female who never was objectified. He strength was always evident and she was self-assured. Must admit that was cool to take in and to have my son enjoy such a film. I’m not too sure he even recognizes the weight of having a female superhero because, as he noted “of course there would be a female superhero. why wouldn’t there be one?”  And for that alone, the movie was worth watching with my son. I will also admit I liked seeing Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) as his younger self. I was quite taken in by the de-aging process. Can I get some of that for me? Will they have a product tie-in at Sephora?  It was also a fun take on the cop-buddy film where you have Carol and Nick connecting. Them two plus the cat were a good, fun trio.


My son liked the movie. My son loved the cat. So, we were in agreement there.He was also thrilled by the extra scenes during the end credits. The first extra scene (mid-way through the credits) leads right to Avengers Endgame. It is worth staying through the credits. The second extra scene involves Goose. And, it was fun.


In the end the movie was about a person realizing their full potential and not allowing themselves to be limited by the vision or restraints by others. It’s a good take-home message. Now, let’s see what Avengers Endgame brings.



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  1. It sounds like a great family tradition you have going there.
    I haven’t seen the movie yet but in the ads I saw for it I also was very curious about the fact that the female super-hero was a first. We’ve come a long way. 🙂


    • Well, it was the first *MCU solo female superhero*. That counts for something for sure but DC beat the pants off them.
      We’ve had plenty of big screen solo female superheroes. Lucy, Ghost in the Shell, Resident Evil franchise pop into my head but if I want to go back in time there are many more. Wonder Woman just happened to be the first ultra-mega-hit and easily eclipsed every other superhero film except Black Panther in critical success, audience approval and box office. When he was in Wakanda, BP was surrounded by female superheroes, so that says something too.
      The notion that men as a group don’t want to see strong women leading a movie is false and has been false for quite a while. IMHO it was cowardice on the part of the movie studios.


  2. Have not seen the movie yet. Will try to see it tonight. What I have heard is that she didn’t have much of a hero’s journey. For a proper hero’s journey, you start out young and naive and vulnerable like Luke Skywalker did.

    You can’t take Tom Cruise out of Top Gun and give him superpowers and expect anyone to feel empathy for him.

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  3. I liked the movie, but I think it was hindered by all this expectation because it was female-led. It was an origin story and as a result it moves a little slower and has to find its footing to be truly great. I’m glad it was made and that it’ll tie-in with Endgame.


  4. I do like that Marvel are pushing the female role in this, but it’s a shame if it doesn’t quite deliver, despite the moral messages behind it, too. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to giving it a watch myself soon, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next Avengers! x


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