Alita Battle Angel: Do not stand down in the face of evil

This year I am trying to continue the trend from last in which I saw, on average, two movies a month in the theaters. I am back into enjoying the cinematic experience. Which is why we were so excited to go see the film Alita: Battle Angel. Robert Rodriguez directed Alita: Battle Angel from a script by James Cameron. Such pedigree! Such expectations for grand visuals. Especially since its release date was repeatedly pushed back. Well, that was an ominous sign although I chose to believe that it was being pushed back in order to perfect the film.

The movie was in part about figuring out who one is and what does one stand for. As I watched, I got to thinking about what does one get to fight for? Sometimes some other individuals believe one will take the punishment they dole out, not realizing there is a core of strength within us. Not realizing that we are indeed capable and enabled to fight back. I suppose I’m projecting a lot as the movie really wasn’t that deep and seemed quite incomplete. Admittedly, I fell asleep for ten minutes after the first 15 minutes. I was knocked out. I haven’t done that in a while. But there were other forces at play here. I’ve had a hard week. At some point, I needed to sleep. Watching this movie was as good as any place to finally catch up on sleep.

The visuals in the movie are strong as well as pithy statements such as “I don’t need your permission to live”. Indeed. I may just have that as a signature line in my emails to mess with people. Well, no. Not really. I hate quotes in email signatures. But, nonetheless, I feel inspired to threaten such a quote.

The movie is about a cyborg warrior with a heart of gold. Everything else seems irrelevant. The ending was just as irrelevant. There may very well be a sequel but I am not revved up to catch it. My son liked the movie. And, that alone makes me happy. I’d like to think I’m a warrior and that I stand up for what is right. Actually, I know I am. And, if this movie can inspire others similarly so be it.

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  1. I adore that quote: “I don’t need your permission to live.” I also agree that we need to stand up for issues in which we strongly believe. In fact, we need to believe in something strongly enough to take a stand. We seem to have lost that energy in the necessity of living in an unlivable world. I am 87 years old. I no longer drive and, in fact, use a walker to get around. Degenerative disc disease. Not a bid for sympathy. Simply fact. I do not go to marches, but I do make my voice heard on Facebook, by friends as well as people I do not know. Not a bid for praise. Again, just fact. In my way, I hope I am making some difference, or at least making my positions known and heard. If a crippled old lady can do this, why not everyone. Why not?


  2. You are so right. My husband says I should push back more. Fighting makes me very uncomfortable due to the way I was raised. I am doing more of it, but I also believe that in certain circumstances Silence packs a huge punch. Being an open book often leads to others knowing my triggers and finding ways to hurt me easily. Changing the way I react to emotional attacks has helped me more in many cases recently than confrontation with the narcissistic people who seem to be most prevalent in my day to day world.


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