As the nutcracker noted I don’t speak rodent


I have happily noted that I have seen more movies this past tear in the movie theater than I have for a rather long time. Not all movies have been great. But for the most part I have enjoyed watching them, starting off with Black Panther. Can you believe that came out this year? It seems like ages ago. This weekend was the first weekend that I didn’t have a million things to do so I thought my son and I should catch a movie. There weren’t many movies out for the two of us to watch together.   Thus, we went to catch the NutCracker and the Four Realms. From the trailers I had caught this past summer it seemed like it could be a good thrill ride. Those trailers definitely misled me.


Sadly, this was the worse movie I caught this past year. Worse than The Meg.  Thirty minutes into the film, I wondered if it would set a bad precedent for my son for us to walk out of the theater.   he was bored although deeply amused by the fact that Morgan Freeman is in this film.  He kept laughing and asking me why Morgan Freeman was in the movie? I looked over at him and said that the actor is very versatile and does different types of films. My son looked at me and kept laughing asking “why, mom? why?” Then I had an odd thought. I asked him “how do you know who Morgan Freeman is?” He then answered “South Park!”   We both laughed at this letting the other ten people in the movie theater to believe we were enjoying The Nutcracker.


Look there is no real character development and you don’t fully understand motivations of the characters. The dialogue… well, I have more dialogue in this post.   And, how horrible that Morgan Freeman’s character tells Clara (the protagonist) who is the middle child that she was her mother’s greatest invention? Hello! Two other kids! But then again, I do believe most parents do have a favorite child. Yes, I said it. But I don’t believe it would be so blatantly stated.  Anyway, back to the movie. What was the plot? It doesn’t matter.


I will state that the end credits had dancing from the legendary Misty Copeland and I enjoyed that bit. I also enjoyed the few seconds in which Sugar Plum eats her hair.


Lastly, I know that despite the film being called the Nutcracker it was really about Clara. However, couldn’t the Nutcracker actually get a bit more lines and oomph? All I can remember him saying was that he didn’t speak rodent.  Word. I don’t either.



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  1. What an incisive query on behalf of your son regarding the appearance of Morgan Freeman.
    It is quite ok to have actors play different roles and natural to have favourite actors.
    So long as roles are taken up by actors best suited to the roll and not the “draw card”
    trap we plebs fall for over and over and over and over……………………………………………..
    Not sure about you Mimi, but I am becoming quite discerning with regard to how much I pay to see actors and whether their celebrity status has preceded their capability of distinguishing between selling a view and selling a role.B


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