Sadness and delight: My son made his own breakfast


A few months ago, or so I believe, a sweet story went viral about a dad who made his daughter’s lunch everyday until her last day of high school.   Actually, this was more like a year ago and the story was more about how her dad peeled her oranges everyday since kindergarten.   And, on that last day of high school, he gave a her note telling her it was time and included a how-to factsheet on peeling oranges.  People everywhere were touched by the story. I found it a bit silly.  But, relatable.


Everyday I get up at 5am to make my son’s breakfast and his lunch. There is a lot to get done in the morning and everything has to go by clockwork. And, it has been a rather long few weeks. Thus, on Friday night I asked my son to let me sleep past 6am, if possible, on Saturday morning. Lo and behold he listened. He not only let me sleep until 6:30am, but he had also made his own breakfast.  I was excited and amused. And a teeny bit sad.


I was happy that my breakfast lesson took. He was able to toast his bread and make his breakfast toast.  It was not a three-course meal, but this was impressive. At ten he was finally starting to be way more independent. And that cuts both ways emotionally. He is growing up and I get to witness this beautiful transformation on a daily basis. He is a butterfly in my world. But I don’t want him to flutter away anytime soon. However, I do hope he continues to develop his culinary skills as that would be fun and tasty for us all.  Be great if even he learned to get coffee going in the mornings.  I used to as a kid for my mother. I took great pride in making really good, strong coffee. Till this day, my coffee is still strong. I need it to wake up at 5am to make breakfast and lunch for us all. And, so the cycle goes.

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  1. Oh, this is a sweet and wonderful post. Keep the cooking going, and teach him other things, too. Like how to do laundry, iron a shirt, sew on a button, and plant flowers. When people ask him how he learned to do these things, he’ll say, “my mom taught me, ” and think of you. It’s a gift for both of you. ❤


  2. And I had to negotiate with my daughter as she entered high school! We settled on I would make her lunch and cook dinner 3x/week, or something like that. Maybe it’s different with a son vs a daughter these days? I wanted my girls to be as independent in as many ways as possible as soon as possible, though my own mother seemed to want the exact opposite, both for them and for me~


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