The Box Office force may not be with Han Solo, but I still liked it

When the recent Han Solo movie came out at the movie theaters, I didn’t know that it was its opening weekend. I was lucky enough to get seats to its showing. Or so I thought.   When we got to the cinema, it was a nearly empty auditorium. I thought that was very strange but sunk into my seat and remained happily so.

But let me back up for a second. I didn’t know when the movie was being released. I am not a huge Star Wars fan. I came to watch the original Star Wars trilogy in college and barely paid attention to it. There are many plot points I believe I have missed.   I hated the middle three that had that Jar Jar character. Well, I can’t say I hated the middle three being that I only saw the first one in that trilogy installment. It was so bad I couldn’t be coaxed to watching Natalie Portman and whoever else was in it. I vividly remember seeing the Matrix right after and being blown away thinking of how badly they had screwed up the Star wars legacy. Anyway, I ended up watching Rogue One a few years ago and absolutely loved it! It could be that was my first 4D movie and thus everything about that movie going experience was enhanced. Regardless, I loved it. Then came The Last Jedi and my heart was broken (spoiler alert) by the death of Han Solo. Thus, I had to see this prequel of Han Solo -even if others were not as enthused.

Since I am not the biggest Star Wars fan, I went in with very low expectations. But that is not why I liked it. Or at least I don’t think that is why. I love an origin story. I am a psychologist after all and occasionally I live up to that.  I like to know how people got on their path and what lead to their choices. context is everything.   And to me, the Han Solo movie didn’t disappoint.

Some people complained that Han Solo was not enough of his smirky, jaded, curmudgeon self. Of course not!   It is how the movie ended that lead to his future jaded self. He was betrayed. He loved and lost. However, he did come out with one major love: Chewbacca and that thrilled me. They had a bromance of epic proportions that spanned the galaxy and you get to see how they became friends.  That was all I needed to like the movie. I loved that camaraderie and seeing that they got each other. The seeds to a lifelong friendship were planted in this sequel and lucky for us we know how that friendship holds.


Overall, it wasn’t bad for an origin story. sure, we didn’t see who is father was. We didn’t see how it first met Qi’ra. We didn’t see how he did in flight school.   But we did see how he met Lando. And we do get some insights as to how deep down he was always a good guy.


It worked for me.


PS– Bets on Qi’ra or Enfys Nest being Rey’s mom?

I welcome your thoughts

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