The serenity was divine as she talked to each of the cacti


She loved coming up here ever since she was a little girl. Her pigtails may be gone but her enthusiasm and love of this spot was still wedged deep into her heart.  And how could it not?  The serenity was divine. The views even more so.




She would bring a fruit smoothie and sit up against the rock. As she sipped her great nutrients, she talked to each of the cacti.

Under each cactus was a different buried body and it brought her such peace.

People often wondered how she was so zen even after much workplace drama and life adversity in general.   She would advise them all that she had a secret garden that held all her secrets and then she would smile as they all thought she was talking about her succulents garden in her home backyard.


One day she would tell the truth to the world. But not today.   Today was her rest and relaxation day.  And with that she continued to whisper to the cacti.

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