Ready Player One and a surprisingly good Easter egg hunt


Ok. Let me get one thing out there. Supposedly this piece here will be about the latest Spielberg movie called Ready Player One.  However, I have to first declare outright my love of Easter. Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoyed it immensely. Now that may seem strange to note as Easter is obviously a religious holiday.  But I have always enjoyed that day although I have not always observed it.  As a child, I loved dressing up in my Easter bonnet and heading out for Mass. Although, we were dirt poor I still managed to have a cute bonnet and dress. I felt special on that day. Maybe that was it.  Despite our poverty we could still be part of this larger community experience and feel loved and beautiful.  Fast forward to when I had a child. For his pre-kindergarten class, I myself assembled Easter baskets for all his classmates. Before you are too impressed, I will admit that his class only had seven kids. But, I did make all the baskets myself and I did it with zeal and love. I still look back fondly at that first Easter basket effort of mine. That year was also his first Easter Egg hunt and it was awesomely beautiful. He was so confused but went along with glee picking up eggs from the field. Then the next year, I scaled back a bit as his class grew to 16 kids. However, I still put together Easter kits for his classmates.


This year, despite him being nine years old now, I am still looking forward to doing something cool for Easter. I got him a new suit for the church service, we made reservations for brunch and I built a bear for him and his two nieces. Easter bears! They are too cute. Aren’t they?


We will also be doing an Easter egg hunt in our backyard and just spending a beautiful day out together as a family.  We will, or at least I will, be also experiencing a bit of nostalgia.


And speaking of nostalgia, as part of this weekend, my son and I went to catch Ready Player One. I knew absolutely nothing about the movie other than the fact that Steven Spielberg directed it.  He tends to make big Oscar-worthy movies, right?   Anyway, the movie follows our “hero”-a gunter (egg hunter) as he tries to solve a puzzle (an egg hunt of sorts) left behind by the inventor of OASIS -a virtual reality world that has taken over the real world because the real world sucks.   Considering that the movie is set in the year 2045 and we are not too far off from that I am scared at this sad, dystopian vision where people have given up on really living.  People live in stacked up trailers where they are constantly hooked up to VR goggles trying to find a larger meaning, hiding from their crappy-air lives and/or trying to become something that they are most definitely not.  Is this what social media will bring us twenty years from now? You can tell I am not writing a real review here-well, a conventional review, right?  Anyway, let’s move on to the happier bits as I actually really liked this movie.


Our hero is named Wade and/or Parzival and he is obsessed with the egg hunt and thus spends much time in the virtual world and researching details of the 1980s pop culture, mainly classic video games and movies, that Mr Halliday (the OASIS inventor) loved.


Considering that Easter Sunday brings much nostalgia to me, this was the perfect movie to watch this weekend. References to Duran Duran, Pac Man, Blade Runner (one of my all time favorite movies-the director’s cut from the 80s that is), Michael Jackson and so on. The night club the main character goes to with the girl that he likes is super cool in how it is laid out and showcases the awesome visuals of the movie.  And there is also an awesome library. I remember when I loved going to the library and would spend whole Saturdays there as a kid.   I can’t recall why, but I believe that at one point my eyes got teary while watching the movie. It may very well be that I had bitten my nail way too far down and it hurt but it could have been as a result of the movie as well. Could go either way. At the end of the day, in this dystopian world, it is through teamwork, smarts, perseverance, and knowledge of pop culture that a rag tag team of heroes beat the evil villain and his corporation. Oops, should I have said spoiler alert?!  I think you knew there would be a happy ending, though.   Although, the movie could have ended at several points it was well paced and I was wrapped up in it.


My son? Well, he loved, loved the movie. He kept identifying characters in the movie and making sure that I knew that he knew. He was so ecstatic that Tracer from Overwatch, Freddy Krueger, Ryu from Street Frighter were in. Those are the just the ones I remember from the top of my head that excited him.


My son was happy. I was happy. Here is to another successful Easter Egg hunt.

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  1. I haven’t seen the movie yet and skimmed because I didn’t want to know too much ahead of time. I sort of fast forwarded to the end just to see if you like it. I was glad to see that you did! Happy Easter!

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