Dear mom: The christmas season is for hugging

I have been trying to remain calm amidst the large number of storms brewing around me.  At times I feel like I am a little paddleboat in the middle of an ocean about to be caught up in a hurricane.   But, I am also someone who firmly believes we are tested for better things to come.   Not everything is obvious at the moment. But a time will come when there will be light. That keeps me going. Well, that and my awesome son.


As of late, he has been hugging me a lot. I have started to wonder is this normal for a nine year old? Soon, he will be a tween and will I continue to get unsolicited hugs?   I truly hope that I will receive those hugs without having to bribe him but I also know kids grow up faster and faster these days.


When my son hugs me, I hold onto him very tightly. I hear his little heartbeat right up against mine. Is there anything more awesome than that? I remember when I used to feel him move in my belly right after I ate strawberries. That was such a cool feeling. I would sometimes eat strawberries just to watch my stomach move as if an alien were in it.  All this to say that I love my son’s hugs.


I did ask him this morning why he was hugging me so much lately? He answered  “well, it’s Christmas time.” I frowned.   Inside, I wondered if it was all just for gifts?   He looked at me and saw my slight frown. He grabbed my face and asked “what’s wrong mama?” I asked him why were the hugs related to Christmas time?  He answered me that Christmas time is not just for gifts. He noted that Christmas is a time for hugs, smiles and love.  And, so he wanted to make sure I got plenty of hugs. Of course, my heart melted. How beautiful a sentiment.   I asked him if I could get a 100 hugs.  He told me that he would love to but over some time so that he doesn’t get too sore since I squeze him so tightly in return.


I don;t think I can ask for anything more than that for this Christmas. I am a very lucky girl and mama.  And that helps me weather any storm and makes the good times even sweeter.


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  1. I think as a kid I used to hug my mom a lot but in my early and mid teenage years.. maybe not so much (mostly because with the entire growing up crazy phase) … But recently, I think the entire hugging-phase is back.
    It’s great that you’re getting those hugs… There’s going to be a time when that’s going to stop… And then there will come a time when it’ll come back. 😀


  2. Hey, as a fellow mom, you know that ANY time is the time for hugs, especially when you are having a difficult day. I have heard that as they grow up, and especially boys, kids will not hug their moms in public. I’d bet, though, that you will still get plenty of hugs from your tween or teen son in the privacy of your own home!


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