A growing boy and his hats

Hats, Hats

I have never liked to wear hats. I don’t feel like they fit me right. I feel dorky in hats and I feel huge in hats. It’s weird, I know. the only hats I ever liked have been Easter bonnets, floppy beach hats and hip busboy caps. See my hair is curly and if I wear a hat, upon taking it off, my hair stands ten inches wide. It is a mess. When I flat iron my hair, why would I want to wear a hat. Its a no-win situation for me.

My son, on the other hand, likes hats. And, he looks sweet in them. Out right adorable and scrumptious. His personality so often matches his hats. The other day someone who has been looking at his photos on Facebook noted how he seems to have developed his own style. I am not too sure that a seven year old boy has his own sense of style other than just picking up clothes that are easy to put on and within reach. I do know that my style on his behalf has been evolving throughout the years.


Today as we eagerly await Halloween, he has been doing a practice run of his Halloween costume which puts a nice warm feeling in my being. His happiness and contentment at being costumed cannot be contained.  Do we outgrow that feeling? If you were to be walking around San Francisco, the answer would be “no”.



Costumes aside his hats I will keep. They hold a precious place in my heart as I see his head grow full of new ideas and aspirations.

IMAG0300 IMG_0976 IMG_6227


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  1. I love hats. My mom once said to me, you have a beautiful hat face. I told that to my boyfriend as I tried on a hat and he laughed at me but that doesn’t stop me from wearing them. I am one of those, buy a shirt and baseball cap combos when I travel as a memento so I have lots of them. In the winter its all about my knitted beret. I love the parade picture you posted – now THATS a HAT!


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