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I long to pierce the purple haze of being

Laughing in the Purple Rain

After a few days of sanity at home where I packed and packed, it is back to the daily grind and craziness of the workplace. Why do we work again? Ah, yes, money. Oh, I mean personal fulfillment. These next few days, starting with today, will be part of this purple haze of longing.

2014-08-10 21.12.44

 I will soon be on a roadtrip. I will soon be with my family again. I will soon stop going back and forth every two weeks to New York. My zig zag dance will be coming to an end. Will I feel any less dizzy from all these changes?

2014-10-24 21.31.49

It all seems like a dream though these days.  I am living each day so that my limbo may end. Can you imagine that state of mind?

2014-10-24 21.26.06

I long to see what my new, new adventures will bring me. I long to see where I go next.

2014-10-24 21.33.58

I long to pierce the purple haze of being

2014-10-24 06.30.00

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    • Oh my. Thanks! you know I always look forward to your challenge 🙂 It truly is a fun foto event! thanks to you for doing the challenge. It seems like you put a lot of time and thought into it. have a wonderful week ahead


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