Back on the road again and the actual journey is part of the adventure

Back on the road again

The month of June is here and I cannot contain my excitement. June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year in the northern hemisphere.  Yes, sun! Except for here in San Francisco where the fog is super thick in the morning and frizzes my hair out.  June the month of the moonstone has a shimmering glean and does a playful mental dance with light.

As I am heading back on the road, I think of the journey. The drive, the flight and the walking from one place to another are filled with just as many adventures as the actual destination.




While driving it takes one second to look up into the sky and see its majesty. The roads lined with beautiful trees are part of the reverie itself. The tunnels one walks through take one back in time if you allow yourself to be enveloped in it.

The exuberance of travel can be intoxicating!

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