Missing my Treadmill

Missing my Treadmill

I know that it is odd to say but I miss my treadmill. I miss going downstairs, putting my running shoes on and working out to my favorite music and shows.  While I get to climb hill upon hill in San Francisco, which will supposedly make my legs toned if not give me a heart attack, there is nothing like just running and running and zoning out.

I put on my headphones and keep my notepad near while I run on the treadmill. I often come up with answers to problems or with writing topics. I daydream and pretend I am in Hawaii sipping a Mai Tai. It is quite a feat to run and drink-at least in my day dreams. The hills of San Francisco, mired these days in deep fog, don’t allow me the chance to zone out the way I do on the treadmill. I often have to wonder how I will carry 1o-20 pounds of groceries up the steep hills without passing out. The oxygen is staggered. I occasionally stop and take photos from the hill tops just to remind me of what I have accomplished. But there is no zoning out.

2015-05-23 07.22.54

In two weeks I will be reunited with my treadmill for a few days. And that will be a glorious time. Till then, the hills are alive with my huffing and puffing.

2015-05-23 07.49.14

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! Gym time is my zone out time, too. I never use headphones or watch the built-in TV on the elliptical. I just daydream, and often come up with blog ideas or even ideas for work!


  2. Unfortunately, if I zoned out while trying to maintain motion anywhere, but especially on a piece of gym equipment, I think I’d just stop moving altogether. Amazingly, I do this type of zoning out and daydreaming in the shower. Maybe one’s “zone-out space” is symbolic in some way?


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