Lingering in the random moments of life

Lingering in the random moments of life

Road trips, hiking adventures and even cruise ships. I love random adventures. There is nothing I love more (well, there are but…) than waking up, getting dressed and heading out on a completely unplanned random trip.  A random trip jolts my bloodstream the way that three large coffees in a row pick me up. These random life moments are where I often want to linger.

On one of my random outings, I came across this random red caboose in the middle of nowhere. It was just there. No fanfare. No signage. It just stood there as a history relic. It just stood there for one to explore. My little boy got grand joy of finding a large “fire truck” on the side of the road. He squealed with delight and I was delighted with his delight. That moment, there although none of us is captured in the photo, was a fabulous moment of family growth.


Go down a random street, highway, or flight. Well, taking random flights these days is not as easy as it once was. However, if you are a late planner then so be it. We went on a random cruise when my son turned five years old because we had been slow in planning. The cruise was ok. However, my son loved the pool, the floating hotel concept and meeting other kids at the “camp” on board.  He will remember his fifth birthday for it was totally random and novel.

Go ahead and be random.

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  1. I love random road trips! Some of my best memories growing up are when my mom, brother, and I would jump into the car with just a coin to determine which way to go, heads-left, tails-right 🙂 We had some awesome adventures.


  2. I like to walk around Philadelphia (which is near to where I live) with no particular agenda in mind. Randomly, so to speak. It is such an interesting city — many things I hadn’t noticed before always catch my eye.


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