Early to Rise-Longer to work

Early to Rise-Longer to work


Early birds-which I am notoriously noted to be-are supposed to get the worm. Yum. I generally rise at 5:45am, give or take 35 minutes. I love being up early and being able to get 100 things done before most humans are up. The sense of accomplishment and euphoria is quite intoxicating.

I am the type of person that takes the 6am flight out sot hat I can arrive with minimal delays and get to enjoy a walk throughout the city I am heading into for work.

I love the early morning because I get to have the beach to myself, see my son play wildly on a long uninhabited stretch of beach, and see a stunning sunrise. There have been many a fiery red sky I have caught on my way to JFK airport in new York. That is a side of New York many do not get catch a they have been out partying all night.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Miami_june 2014_18_rising sun

Now, while I love those morning aspects, I have also come to realize that early to rise also means longer to work. Specifically, you can start working at 6am and you will not stop at 2pm. You will, inevitably, keep going till 6pm. After a while that is just a tad bit tiring.

I suppose I can get up early and do no work and tell no one that i am up. But somehow the day’s work will still drag on.

SONY DSC Miami_june 2014_9

At the moment, I am up in an early 7am flight having woken up at 4am. I am bleary-eyed and working away. Luckily such a thing as mimosas exists to go with the morning sun.

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  1. I’m afraid I’m a night owl and enjoy the other end of the day too much, although I’m needing to re-set my body clock as school goes back on Tuesday. I really enjoy watching the sun set!! Tonight, we drove home after the crowds had left and had an easy drive home.


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