Weathered but not Broken

Weathered but not Broken


As I have been traipsing about on hikes and random excursions, I have come across much beauty.


Once such item of note is the weathered nature item of old bark that looks like it has been through some tough times.   In this weathered look, there is resilience, if you stop to look and listen. Mind you, in many fancy apartments these days we have “weathered” furniture that is given a glossy patina to imbue a sense of history and perhaps evoke some visceral reaction.   There are many Pinterest entries that will showcase such furniture. That is not what I have in mind. Those may look nice but they don’t grab my heart although sometimes they do grab at my purse strings.


Interestingly enough I came across a playground in Berlin that was made of all wood. To think the stories that lie thereunder.

german playground

In the real world when you come across a battered, weathered piece of wood or rock that lies there waiting for someone to catch a momentary glimpse while they keep on moving.


There is a deep sense of history of which you can only guess. What has it withstood? What is to come?


I look at those pieces and realize although they have been mightily battered they are not broken. Just like many a human spirit. Resilience, Perseverance. Just like a weathered bark of wood or battered-down rock.

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  1. We all have some form of a scar or wound; some never healed at all or they just keep reopening. And we noticed them—it catches our eye, lo’ and behold, there is beauty in them! It is made as a passageway for the light to come through. Or for the beauty to come through. Unspoken words by nature…


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