Bamboos, cherry blossoms and a baby boy: Throwback freshness

Bamboos, cherry blossoms and a baby boy: Throwback freshness


While I live in my time-zone limbo, I have been waxing nostalgic for some of my travel times of yore.  This will be the first spring recess (break), in a long time, that I do not travel abroad with my family. I have a new job, a new life and can’t take off to experience a spring awakening in a foreign land. I suppose I could say that i am undergoing my own spring awakening as I navigate my new workplace and demands. However, awakening would seem to be too far of course in terms of what i am undergoing. I am rebranding. I am finding a new way. I am charting my own course.  Spring awakening, eh?


However, I can engage in a bit of throwback Thursday nostalgia to a time not too far back. Three years to be exact. Off to Japan we went to experience the cherry blossom season there. My son was treated like a little prince and we experienced the magical juxtaposition of the old and new in Japan.


Everything was delicately wrapped and embraced, including its history and time. The cherry blossoms made us feel light and renewed. Also, a bit of allergies, but I won’t dwell on that. The bamboos of Kyoto made one feel small and recognize the age of the world. yet, we felt “fresh” under their growth.


Ah, the breathe in the fresh air and feel a certain stillness in it. Its a captivating moment. Tranquility.


That was what one felt. can’t we all use a bit of tranquility in our lives?


An pure joy being tossed into the fresh air…..

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  1. Wow, is that what a forest of bamboo trees looks like? I had no idea they grew that big! Only ever seen them as scaffolding in martial arts films, or as stakes in the ground to hold plants up with! Japan looks divine. xx


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