The rewards of a sunny urban hike and a winter storm

The rewards of a sunny hike and a winter storm


Last weekend I enjoyed a glorious “hike” through the city streets of San Francisco. I went up and down as if it were a walking rollercoaster.


The thrill of such an urban hike is that as you get your heart rate racing walking up the hill you are also wondering what will be at the other end once you reach the top.


Luckily, in San Francisco you get to experience these delights quite often as you go from one end of a street to the other.


Eventually, you hit a grand urban delight that thrills your eyes.


You soak it up through your eyes and your skin pores.


The sight of water is a great reward to be given at the end of an urban jungle hike.


Now, I am also a  New Yorker and I went back to New York for a short jaunt. I made it there right before flights were canceled due to yet another snowstorm.


I got snowed in my house as did my son with yet another school snow day.  This snowstorm may be an annoyance to those that have been inundated with snowstorm after snowstorm. For me, however, the reward of this snowstorm is getting to hang out with my son all day.





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  1. Two thoughts:
    1. The way you described your walk thru SF, it occurred to me that this thought could serve as another metaphor for life in general.
    2. Who will be in better physical and aerobic shape to make those walks in future, you or your son? I think you’ll both derive equal enjoyment from the effort.


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