Everything new is all the rage until it is not

Everything new is all the rage until it is not

It is the start of the new year. Some of us may be wearing new boots, scarves or sweaters that we received as gifts during the holidays. I, for one, know that I now have new blisters from my new boots. Such is the January ritual year in and year out.  We look forward to new paths, new bodies, and new adventures.

new snow

We make resolutions in January to make some new life. We say that we will swear off sweets in order to be healthier.

new new dessert

I’ve heard that some people out there swear off alcohol for the new year to come. I’ve heard that people do that. Alas, that is never on my resolution list.

new cocktail

With all thew new things in the new  year that are looking, many people get a bit frightened.

new scared

And some dizzy with everything that is about to come ahead.

new grafitti

Yet, all you need to do is hold on tight to the rollercoaster, let the screams come out and enjoy the ride. Spin the wheel and see what your fortune will bring.

new wheel


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