A letter to Milo as we near Thanksgiving: His great day of apple pie feast

A letter to Milo as we near Thanksgiving: His great day of apple pie feast


Milo was my first baby. My dog. He was a lovely Pekingese that was a bit of a diva. And I loved him so for it. I raised him that way after all. My belief being that pets should be pampered as they provide unconditional love. And unconditional love he did provide. We are nearing his favorite holiday of the year- Thanksgiving. He hated Halloween. He did not care much for the court jester costume I got him. He rather sneered at it. He didn’t care for Christmas much as he tired of his chew toys rather quickly and the Christmas tree took up precious New York City space. Thanksgiving! Now that was a feast for the dogs.

He loved apple pie in a way that was rather odd.  He loved sweets as much as I did. Which is funny considering that my own son –flesh and blood of mine- does not care for sweets.  There was the time where we had guests over for Thanksgiving and he turned his nose up at the turkey. The second, however, that we turned our back to him, he dug in all the way into the apple pie. I couldn’t be angry at him. I just couldn’t.  We had three other pies anyway. I told you, I like sweets.  Besides I was thankful that he was in my life.  Even a few years after his death, I still feel his presence and find his fur balls around in some dark corner.

So, this thanksgiving I ordered up some more pie and will put a little aside to celebrate his celestial birthday.

If I could write a letter to him that he would someone magically be able to read I would tell him the following:

Dear Milo:

Miss you dearly till this day. We all do. I hope you are enjoying in the sly somewhere some apple pie with cheese and a side of peanut butter. I know that you find that heavenly. Know that we have yet to get another dog for we miss you still too much. But when we do it will be in your honor.   Luka thanks you for howling with him when he was crying as a baby. He still remembers that and appreciates it.  You were our guardian angel and probably still are.  Have a great thanksgiving and know you are in our hearts.

Love Mimi

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  1. Awww, that was sweet! I can understand why you couldn’t get angry over the pie. Like me, my dog loves chocolate. Luckily everytime he has gotten ahold of it, the damage wasn’t severe enough to take him to the vet! Except once my mom left a whole bag of m&m’s within reach while we were gone. Yup he ate nearly the whole thing, then left her a present- threw it up all over the couch (where she’s been sleeping). I just laughed, one, I knew he was ok because he threw it up, two because she got what she deserved! I’d reminded her time and again, if you leave it where he can reach it, he will!! I’m lucky enough to still have my sweet puppy with me. He’s been my companion doggy for 7 years now. We adopted him when he was 6, so he’s getting older and starting to show it. It makes me terribly sad that people out live some of our best friends. I do not look forward to the day he passes, it will be awful and completely sad, as you are familiar. Hugs to your doggy! I hope he’s eating all the pie he wants!


  2. That’s so sweet, Mimi. It brought tears to my eyes. I remember each and every dog that I’ve had the pleasure to share its life with. I had an Irish Setter once that ate a 5lb wheel of parmigiano regiano cheese. My mother was so upset and my dog looked so guilty, but I couldn’t be mad at him. The heavens are a happier place with Milo running around there.


  3. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    He sounded very special. I have my diva Prinnie the Lhasa. I also had two wonderful pomeranian girls that were precious divas. The closest to my heart though was a little boy miniature collie mix. We just touched souls. That is rare in any relationship and I miss him to this day. He loved meatloaf ran off with a whole one when he was a pup just after we rescued him. I think he was still afraid of going hungry. I will put some celestially away next time I make it for Milo and my Stashu. Thank you for bringing back a wonderful memory.


  4. I totally understand about your Milo, Mimi. And that you didn’t get another dog. It’s the same with me and my Missy. We lost her at age 15. She was a person who happened to be a dog. She wasn’t our first, but she was our last. Also, couldn’t contemplate another after she passed.


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