Being an optimizer in the lived moment



Being an optimizer in the lived moment


A while back I wrote about satisficers. Those are the individuals that do the minimum to get something over and done with.   Now let’s think about optimizers.   At a past event, a colleague noted to me that he found it distasteful that a presenter was proud of the fact that she finished her presentation (which was really not a presentation) in about a third of her allotted time.   The presenter was exuberant and giddy at the fact that they did not waste the audience’s time with extra fluff. Problem is the presenter did not say anything substantial. What is the point of being giddy about a short presentation when nothing that came out of the mouth was even worth a third of that time?  I suppose it was a good thing they didn’t take the full amount of time.


My colleague helped me realize that if you are given ten minutes to make a mark you should make the most of it.  You should optimize. There is no need to go beyond the ten minute limit.   I think we can all agree that there is no need to go on and on.   A good presenter can time their information just right and read the audience cues to see when it is the right moment to move on to the net point. However, there is also no need to take just a third of the time and leave no footprint.   Optimization, yes optimization.  That is part of Carpe Diem.


In this day of social media and the internet we talk about website optimization and traffic.  At times discussions around optimization are all about speeding up how the page loads.  How about optimizing our daily lived lives and moments?  There is no need to speed up our lives and our speeches. You have ten minutes to make a presentation. Take your time, do it right and make it count.

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  1. It’s partly because most people value speed in anything, that’s why the smartphone business is booming. We like to have everything in one hand and control our lives with it. Same goes for presentations, no one has the time (Or wants to take the time) to listen to entire scriptures. It needs to be fast and smooth, getting to the point right away.


  2. I mostly agree with your insights here… I think that this motto “Carpe Diem” is a good way to achieve Happiness, as it occcurs “here, right now” *hic et nunc*
    All the best to you, Aquileana 😀


  3. Messaging, texting, tweeting…. Everything is shortened. Maybe not always to the point. My point is that this new mode of “conversation” and “communication” has practically done away with the talent of keeping your audience’s attention and imparting information in a quick, attention-holding and forthright way. Take me back to the “old-fashioned” method of “speaking” to an audience!


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