The texture of my sick days

The texture of my sick days





Curled up in a shriveled pile

Blankets to my body so riveted

My body fought off an invader of bile

My head hung low and unspirited


rejuvenated, not so much

nonetheless a lingering glossy shine

















Soon mind, spirit and body will jut out

I will have my many-sundried cheeky bouts




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  1. Now I have another idol to emulate, in addition to Jane Fonda and possibly Samuel L. Jackson. Besides trying to write a prosaic blog, I might want to try to write poetry as well. I loved to do that as a kid and have taken some adult ed classes taught by local published poets.

    Yes, this adulation may be a bit overboard but if you look at my crappy blog (and I’m trying to figure out how to unblur the pictures) I hope you’ll see that we may have a few things in common.

    Enjoyed the poem. Looks like your feverish brain is still functioning. Get well soon.


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