The edge of the photograph frame: Pondering Away at Flinders Station

The edge of the photograph frame: Pondering Away at Flinders Station


On a bright, mildly brisk Saturday afternoon in Melbourne I found myself at the corner intersection of Flinders Street and Swanson Street.  I snapped photograph upon photograph of Flinders Street mega train station. I had never considered the architecture before of Australia.  I was surprised to find an eclectic mix of vVictorianbuildings and skyscrapers. In looking at my photos, I captured what appears to be a fellow tourist, staring off at the grand scene across the tram-heavy street.

After this moment in time where we all converged in this one spot what did those in the edge  of the frame go on to do?  Did they go inside the station and look further at the dome?  Hopefully, they did not go onto photograph inside or right around the station as that seems to be frowned upon. Perhaps he went on to look at the Renaissance Art Exhibit whose marketing draped the station.  As he walked closer to the station, he probably looked both ways while crossing perhaps being a bit discombobulated if he comes from a country where drivers drive on the right side of the road.

As he spent the day wandering Flinders street and its surrounding vicinity he would have noticed the AIDS 2014 signage and experienced a moment of taking in the significance of where we are 30 years into the HIV epidemic. There are HIV social marketing campaigns everywhere showing the warm embrace Australians gave to the cause.

As he wanders and enjoys one of the many cafes in Melbourne he may also partake in a drink at one of the many gorgeous bars I came across. I must say the bars were oh so pretty. Hopefully, he arranges to have one of the pre-paid cabs that mill the streets after 10pm and hope he remembers the sign right above his head. No drinking in the streets lest you want to be out of picket $100.

It was a merry day indeed


AIDS 2014 Melbourne

AIDS 2014 Melbourne

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  1. I also wonder what the woman in the window on the far right and the man in black outside the station entrance (left, by the pole) were thinking, because it appears they were gazing straight as you as you took the picture. Maybe you were in their blog too.
    Weird I know, but I frequently enlarge a pic and look deeper into the details. On a lighter note, it is a great looking building/station.


  2. Mimi, Flinders St. Station never looked so good.
    If you look at the glass building behind the dome, this is called Eureka Tower,a place well known to myself.
    I did a small piece called ‘The light gets in” on my wordpress blog some time ago and this is the glass building that the light was streaming from.
    So glad you found the bars, they sure are delightful and aplenty. Flinders St Station is up for a multi-faceted up-grade soon, but the brilliant old main building will be still there for many years to come.B


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