The Seasons

Feeling Topsy Turvy in my Jaunts

Feeling Topsy Turvy


I just got back from the land down under. I had left from New York where it had been 85 degrees. Down under it was 55 degrees. That alone had me a bit topsy turvy. Sadly, the world went a little bezerk during these last few weeks.  Then I got back from Australia with a parasite and now I am a walking dizzy nauseous entity. And, the world continues to be bezerk. Topsy turvy, indeed.


I recall my drive though the country side of Australia. Here is a beautiful field crop gleaming in the sun yet slightly brisk air.  The scenery, idyllic in nature, made me feel a bit nostalgic. Although, I am not too sure what I was nostalgic for.  The crops while beautiful seemed a bit out of place considering the crispness of the air.  I felt a bit topsy turvy.

brussel sprouts



While on this jaunt, I was in turn reminded me of when snow came early to New York while our fields were still green and red.  What a topsy turvy set of times.



The world these days appears to be on its own topsy turvy course. Let’s see what we can harvest from these moments going forward.



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  1. Topsy turvy indeed Mimi. We had a top of 4 degrees Celcius and lots of snow yesterday. Hope you are taking care of our beloved Aussie parasites, we are proud to call them our own. B


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