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Force myself to relax and then hit the ongoing fast-paced merry-go-round

Force myself to relax and then hit the ongoing fast-paced merry-go-round

The airplane violently shook for about three hours straight from Los Angeles to New York. I covered my head, prayed, held my son’s little fingers and tried to sleep. I had already been through the 14 hour long flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles. Just had to get through this flight and I would be sleeping at home in my bed while eating my stale bread. I hate flying. Love traveling. Just cannot stomach the flying part. An absolutely necessary evil. Of course, it did not help that this past week there had been three major deadly plane accidents. The downing of the Malaysian flight was part of our everyday consciousness at the conference I was attending. The violent plane shaking was driving me batty. My nerves tired and frayed.

Upon landing at JFK there was the long wait for luggage (although never as long as what I have experienced in California) and then the long car trek home. It was fabulous however to see my house, my kitchen, my television. I sat still for a few seconds. I just needed a few seconds of quiet and stillness. Too much had gone on this past week. A moment of zen was needed.

I rested and check my email accounts. Then I treated myself. I went upstairs and cleaned my bathtub, drew water and filled the tub. In I went to soak and space out. My legs took in the heat and were soothed. After 30 minutes, I went and ran on the treadmill. After 20 plus hours of flying, my legs needed to move. Running in place set my mind back in motion. Soon thereafter it was time to sleep with my special fuzzy blue blanket and my favorite little blue pillow. Winding down. How special a feeling. Blissful even.

I wondered why it was I could experience this serenity after grueling week but often miss out on that sense of bliss. I had forced myself to get those moments. I could easily have gone straight to bed to sleep. I believe many in a similar situation would do so. However, I forced myself to relax. The irony of it all does not escape me, of course.

Force myself to relax and then hit the ongoing fast-paced merry-go-round all over again. Such is the day to day living nowadays.

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