Photos from the Edge of Things as I Roadtrip Louisiana

Cee’s Fun Challenge: Photos from the Edge of Things as I Roadtrip Louisiana


One of my favorite states to road trip through is Louisiana and why not? It has drive-through daiquiri shops, great food and awesome music.


The road sites are much fun to be had as well.  Besides water, vegetation and earth there are also a lot of geometrical shapes in the landscape.  As children we tend to like rounded objects. As adults, we may let our eyes wander to sharp edges that push us a little outside a visual  comfort zone.


Here are some photos I captured of the edge of things as I drove on by –oftentimes at 70 miles per hour.


The rusted guardrails at the edge of the cemetery were a bit foreboding but added to the symmetry

edge of the cemetary



Nestled in the scenery was this crashed out van with its edges spilling forth

edged out bus


As we drove up yet another bridge ramp, into the distance was a beautiful visually hypnotic bridge whose edges were smooth and beckoning.

edges of the bridge



Onto our next bridge, the pipes and rails framed the landscape keeping our attention wrapped up in diagonals



Round edges on the lawn can add some spice


Lastly, right before us stood a whole landscape of edges intertwined with the daily life and rhythms of Louisiana





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  1. There is always some mystery to an old grave yard, the wrecked RV and the bridges. Makes one ponder the history behind it all.

  2. Reblogged this on djalidin143 and commented:
    Orang-orang terkaya di dunia, mencari dan membangun JARINGAN. Orang-orang lainnya, hanya sekedar mencari PEKERJAAN. (Robert T. Kiyosaki)
    Bila bisnis anda tidak hadir di dunia internet, maka anda akan kehilangan bisnis anda. (Bill Gates Microsoft) Sukses Selalu Bersama:

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