The Psychology of Panama City: In Constant Movement and Stasis

Panama City: In Constant Movement and Stasis

Its a whirlwhind

Its a whirlwind


Panama City is a lovely booming city filled with a diverse group of people who are coming and going. There are walkways throughout to encourage movement even in the high noon heat.



Panama City is rightly known for its Panama Canal. Where the movement of the ships are an every day reminder of the feats we can accomplish. Moving ocean to ocean, bridging worlds. Yet, despite the massive movement, there is grand stasis as well. Many ships have to wait 24 hours in order for it to be their turn to cross the canal.





Thus the waters encourage and hold much movement. The passing of time takes on a whole different rhythm and patience is inculcated in the soul.



Movement by foot, bus and bikes take on a pretty colorful form brightening up the bright blue skies. The movement is slow but is constant and is everywhere.



At the end of the day you can just pause and stare. You can just stop and take in the still yet moving scenery.


still waters

still waters


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