The Frenetic and Quiet Street Life Rhythm: Whats Happening in Tokyo, Vienna and Havana

The Street Life Rhythm around the world:


One of the most amazing things about traveling the globe is seeing everyday life. Watching the coming and goings of a city and learning about its heartbeat. What makes the city tick? How much disorder is tolerated? Is there a sense of uniformity?


In Tokyo, street life is extremely fascinating. You have masses crowds of people take to the streets crossing hundreds at a time. Then you also have the very quirt side streets where you can duck into a restaurant as a big as a New York Closet.


In contrast, Vienna was filled with wide open streets with very orderly structured sidewalks that pointed what side of the street people were to walk on and what side people could bike on.




Head on over to Cuba, and the street life is completely different way of sharing and using space. The streets are brimming with couples kissing, dancers dancing and people hanging out. A different, slower pace than that seen in Japan where the street life is much more frenetic. The street life in Austria is much more orderly.



The streets of the world give you a pulse of the people!


Inspired by the weekly photo challenge of: street life


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