Unfinished: Where are you?


Dipping my fingers in the dark moistness

Wondering if it is real

Gasping at the dawn of hope

Droplets streaming down

Bathing in the confines of greatness

I seek your noruishment

Tell me that you are real

Tell me you will be flesh

Tell me you will arrive

I shower under your radiance

I seek your essence

I grasp and I gasp

Where are you?

Inspired by abandoned

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  1. Love the format of this! Instinctively the eye seems to pick out the next verse to read next but they can be matched over and over in different orders to make the poem continue on for longer. Great read.


      • it’s magical! Part of me wanted to read it in a linear fashion one verse after another but also (because of the white space I think) I wanted to look at it in a sort of 3D picture style (looking at all verses at same time) and meanwhile the verses just flow into each other in such an even balanced stye it’s enchanting. Enjoyed this so much.
        yes it’s super weather so lovely weekend for sure!! Snowdrops are up hurrah!! πŸ˜‰


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