New Orleans: A resilient, thriving, yet still abandoned at times City

Just a frame remains

Just a frame remains

Walking the Streets of New Orleans- Let us not abandon it

New Orleans is currently in the midst of some grand parties celebrating Mardi Gras. Then again when is New Orleans not caught up in a party?  The city is always so alive and vibrant despite its past and continuing hardships. Wandering about New Orleans, away from the French Quarter, you see another face to the Big Easy city. You see a face that is at times sad and at times despondent, feeling abandoned. Yet the people that walk these despondent streets have a strong core that builds up a resilient frame.

Abandoned house in the 9th ward

Abandoned house in the 9th ward

I will always love this city. I have written many odes to it and I am sure I will write many more.

What are the walls telling us?

What are the walls telling us?

As I walked the streets I heard within my veins cries of the still abandoned-at-times city .

beer building

Again, let us not forget this beautiful uniquely American city. It may put on a Happy face, but it is still hurting.

The walls of the abandoned buildings throughout the city are speaking to us all.  They want us to feel the love and the sorrow. They want us to truly understand.

the walls speak

Inspired by the weekly photo challenge of abandoned

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  1. I love New Orleans. I am from “her” neighbor, her sister if you will . . . Slidell; right across Lake Pontchartrain. Like many people I lost my home in Hurricane Katrina. But I find my heart growing heavy. Nearly eleven years later; we are still showing the scars. Homes and businesses stand wrecked and closed. Many streets are (still) dotted with boarded-up shotgun homes and cottages.
    Where are those promises of “mixed income” communities? Yes, the housing projects are gone . . . replaced with lovely Creole-inspired and modernized shotgun condo’s. But how can anyone
    earning below $2,000 (after taxes) afford a $950 a month ($500 deposit) one room apartment? Why
    are those living “well”, and owning rental properties not encouraged to participate in Tax Credit programs? Loving this city and ALL of its people are not the issue . . . expressing the love in a moral and tangible way . . . is.
    As I said before, I love New Orleans. I hope and “pray” that I have the privilege of seeing true growth and redevelopment happen, throughout the entire city.



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