Exploring Havana, Cuba: The juxtapositions all about (weekly photo challenge)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition in Havana, Cuba

I landed at around 9am in Havana, Cuba. By the afternoon, I already went through the orientation session and had set off on a walking adventure with four other Americans.  We explored to our hearts content, catching a vibrant and dynamic city in the middle of their day. What I saw was inspirational, enlightening and beautiful.

Clothes line in cuba

This photo captures what many would label a decrepit building that looks abandoned and empty. As you pan up to the sky you notice that there are individuals and whole families  that live in this building. The clothes line shows the vibrancy of the building. As the building is falling apart, a family is being grown. This is the juxtaposition you find throughout Cuba.  Pride, beauty and love exist throughout all the old buildings even while they are falling apart.  It’s their sense of resilience and it is intense to experience.



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