mental health

Flames will Rise from the Abscessed Torso: Run, Run, Run

A tightly bound and weary heaving chest

Run, run, run

Deeply seated fear will be a permanently housed guest


To seek the mythological bay of rainbows

Run, run, run

Flames will rise from the abscessed torso


Tackling a long-dreamed of expedition

Run, run, run

The fingertips will soothe the apparitions


The future hanging in the balance

Run, run, run

The knees will not buckle under the rough parlance


Failed stars may harbor planets

Run, run, run

The tongue will lap up the exuberantly salted granite


There is no untouchable, unapproachable challenge

Run, run, run

Baggage shall not weigh down stamina and talent


Run far


Run fast


Run for the ages


Run to free your mind


I welcome your thoughts

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