Telekinetic Monkeys, therizinosaurs and stolen sheep in an early Christmas season

A massive typhoon is hammering the Philippines. Nature is filled with fury as is the American public. All sorts of lawsuits have been filed and animals have gone missing. Politicians continue to attempt to bend reality to fit their will. Science has produced some interesting yet possibly scary findings for the future. It has been yet another wacky week.


1.Telekinetic Monkeys.  Neurobiologists at Duke University have taught rhesus monkeys to move both arms of an onscreen avatar just by thinking about it. Whoa!  Is this how we get to a Planet of the Apes-like situation?

2.Sheep thieves and killer mother nature.  Police in the town of Wool in England are investigating the theft of 160 sheep from an open field. Interestingly and perplexingly, all the sheep had color markings and were electronically tagged. Seems like someone is really good at pulling the wool over a town’s eyes. In South Dakota, sadly, a cow-killing blizzard dumped 2 to 4 feet of snow last month killing thousands of cows and other animals. The poor animals did not have their winter coats and froze. Wow. Mother nature went on a rampage. Why so angry?

3. Therizinosaurs . Wondrous nests of big-clawed dinosaurs, known as therizinosaurs has been found in the awesomely epic realm of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.  Have you ever heard of the therizinosaurs? They apparently had a turtlelike head and beak along with Edward Scissorhands-like claws. . Is there a Jurassic park in our future? Or better yet, could there a new quirky  Johnny Depp and Tim Burton movie in the future?

4. Bigfoot hunters run amok.  Oh, to be a young and foolish hunter. Mr. Pineda, was arrested after he shot his friend in the back. His excuse? They were on a hunt for bigfoot and was scared by a barking noise.  If you are going to be scared by a barking noise, so much so that you shoot a friend, then maybe you shouldn’t be hunting for a long-sought mythical monster. What were they smoking?

5. Hemp as a cure. Researchers out of Spain just released a study that found that hemp oil can be a possible cure for cancer without side effects. What no munchies?


6. The Human Bladder. Need to remember to pee?  A machine can help with that. A great new invention for people suffering from spinal cord injuries may restore some life normalcy. British scientists developed a neuroprosthetic device that replaces damaged nerves that convey the bladder’s sense of fullness.  This sense of fullness gives the signal to empty to bladder. It is a possibly grand device. That is not the wacky part. It is quite promising. What I am hoping for is that the device could be used with those that do not have these damaged nerves but have staff that do not let them use the restroom.


7. Girls named Keisha. We have all been outraged by the various horrific bullying incidents we ahev heard about the last few years . Poor 19-year-old Keisha Austin, of Kansas City, MO., was bullied because of her name. As a bi-racial girl, her mom named her Keisha so that she could remain connected to her African-Americans heritage. But apparently, the name Keisha has come to mean a lot of bad things including being a bit promiscuous. Then came singer Kei$ha and things got even worse for the young woman.  So, she fought back by changing her name to Kylie.  Hopefully, Kylie Minogue will maintain a good street cred for that name.

8. McDonald’s hot coffee drinker. Ms. Fino ordered two cups of coffee from McDonalds while going through the drive-thru.  She grabbed the coffees from the employee and the coffee proceeded to spill and burn her groin area. She notes that the fast food giant gave her coffee cups that did not have lids securely closed.   Why is this a wacky event? Why not? Ordering coffee through a drive-thru must surely be a somewhat tenuous situation and haven’t we been down this road before?


9. Mean-spirited leaders.  Breaking news: Vikings were brutal. No, really! They were really brutal. Ok. I think we all know that. However, apparently they were even more so according to the latest archaeological findings out of Oslo. Norwegian researchers found new evidence hinting at some brutal customs. Apparently, the Viking masters  got to take some slaves with them when they died. Specifically, slaves were beheaded and buried along with their masters.  In modern times, over in China, a Chinese teacher extremely frustrated by a student told said student to go jump out the window. Sadly, the student did so, falling to his death. The boy was ten years old and jumped 30 stories. I can’t really say anything snarky or witty here. It is just a sad story. One possible thing to note, Chinese newspapers tend to write stories that get retracted. We shall see about this one.

10. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.  He is apparently not having a great last few months. There is a coming vote that he may be a little worried about. So, in an ingenious and totally “overt” move, he moved Christmas to November. See, employees get holiday bonuses. Bonuses tend to make happy employees. Happy people may not vote with a “get the bums out mentality.”  Voila! Move Christmas to right before a vote and you have happy voters. Election over and move onwards. You have to love the powers of a President.



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  1. Here’s one more charming one. Last week, a climate change doubter’s site posted a leaked IPCC document – the second installment of their report, saying essentially, that it’s too late to “prepare” for climate change effects in many cases. Fortunately, the report, once loose, had the opposite effect, especially when the NYT picked it up:


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