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A Winterfylleth (October) Lullaby

Winterfylleth is coming to an end

It’s been a time of assessing who to truly befriend


Halloween, the last day of winterfylleth, can devour

a soul as there is a celebrated increase in psychic powers


Perturbed and at times filled with ominous gloom

Because not all is what it seems, in this, the winter full moon

Hockey, baseball, football and basketball together they band

Making winterfylleth all about the slight of hand


October should be about the eights

But someone played with our fates


Calendulas abound

Heightening our sorrow and sympathy that are found


The leaves fall, the grass dies, the flowers wilt

Heightening our existence guilt


During Winterfylleth so many things die, while the animals start to hide away

A time of respect decay and emotions betrayed


The cabaret of life

All in a Winterfylleth lullaby

I welcome your thoughts

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