..and the Oscar goes to Me at the Golden Globes?

Growing up, as probably many of you have done as well, I used to fantasize my name being called out after the known little phrase “and the Oscar goes to” was uttered. In my fantasy, I would run up the stage in a stunning deep red gown. I never dreamt of being an actress, mind you. The dream was just about hearing my name after a long pause followed by sustained cheers and applause. Of course, the witty yet heartfelt speech would be the ultimate part of the dream. How many of you have even thought about using said dream speech to totally diss those that didn’t help one on the way up the metaphorical ladder but instead screwed one over?
Ah, to dream, to dream.

Throughout my life transition from being a little girl to being an adult woman, I have loved the Oscar.  The Oscars, so filled with glamour, beautiful shoes and hem lines to graciously trip over.  It always seemed be a goal to strive towards. I have even thrown my own Oscars party while living in a furnished studio apartment in Atlanta. Yet, the Oscars have been a bit stale lately.  I honestly cannot remember anything about the last few Oscar broadcasts. Couldn’t tell you offhand who won the big categories last year. I can tell you, though, Ricky Gervais was pretty funny as the Golden Globe host, two years in a row. Ok, now I remember who won at the Oscars. Have any of you watched “Kings Speech” or “The Artist,” yet? No? Didn’t think so.  It is kind of a sad commentary on the public and film industry when more often than not best picture goes to films hardly anyone watches. Really? There are really no good popular films? According to the Wall Street Journal, the top 20 movies account for 50% of the annual box office.   Only one of those movies from 2012- Lincoln-was nominated for best picture at the Oscars.  The movie “Zero Dark Thirty,” which was nominated for a Globe and Oscars, just opened big this past weekend (early January 2013 and not 2012) may have benefitted from the award buzz or perhaps just benefited from the buzz over the scenes depicting waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods.   You have to love the Globes take on waterboarding and torture with  Amy Poehler noting that she hadn’t watched “Zero Dark Thirty” but basically trusted the Director (Bigelow) on understanding the methods of torture as she had been married to James Cameron for three years. Not too sure you would hear that zinger at the Oscars. The Oscars are truly so tiresome these days.

A woman who appreciates a good drink, even if she grew up dreaming of taking the Oscar stage someday, will readily enjoy the Golden Globes. It is full of snark, cheer, beer and wine (with little trays of finger foods so as to not interfere with the drinking). Lena Dunham winning tonight for the TV show “Girls” is was what the Golden Globes is all about,  isn’t? The misfits, the upstarts, the tattooed nervous girl bringing home the trophy. Hmm,

Nowadays, it seems there is an award show every two days or so. How about the number of music award shows? That’s a whole other monster. I just cannot keep up, nor do I really want to.  I do think I will start throwing Golden Globe parties instead of Oscars, where guests still have to dress up but there has to be a certain quirk to it. Wear a cocktail dress with combat shoes, perhaps?  There is also a need to have red, gold and black accent colors everywhere and not just gold as you would for an Oscars party. These color accents could be in the form of cocktails. As a matter of fact they need to be. How about champagne? Or how about a Metropolitan, Cape Codder or Sangria cocktail? Or how about a Dark Night also Rises cocktail (It’s red and black and you should look it up). Yum, now I’m thirsty. Furthermore, tomatoes and cucumber sandwiches are a must.  They can be dressed up as classy finger foods but can easily become food fight projectiles.  A great way to have fun at a Golden Globes party is to have different wigs strewn about the room for your guests to wear and exchange throughout the night. Which is exactly what Tina Fey did last night as she co-hosted the Golden Globes. Also, don’t forget door prizes such as the “Walking Dead” bobble heads. Just saying.

Now, when I dream of taking to the stage to give my heartfelt, yet snarky acceptance speech, my fantasy may take place at the Golden Globes where in one hand I hold a trophy and in the other a couple of cocktails including a basil lime daiquiri.


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