You sat diagonally from me

Deeply rooted in your stature

My shared distress

You treated as if I were flea

You sighed and nodded

Pushing all non self-referential concerns away

Not a bit of caring sweat you dropped

Not a moment did you spare to learn of the despair

Not even a whisper of advice

Where was that showy warrior armor spirit?

Where was that all-too-often professed concern?

Where was that billowing outcry for justice?

In that moment

I ceased to believe

I had been charmed by the false hugs

I had been charmed by the flaming rhetoric

I had been charmed by your charade

In that moment

I ripped back the veil

In that moment

I no longer allowed you to wear that crinkled mask

Now your shouts for all to hear

Don’t ring true in my ears

In that moment

I knew there was nothing

But a vast wasteland in your heart

Now I sadly know

In that moment

I knew there was nothing

But an egocentric, inward focused set of lens

Now I see you

For the green-eyed monster that you really are

There is now a hole in my balloon of awe

And I will let that awe deflate as it rightly should

Inspired by daily prompt of brilliant disguise



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