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They saw right through her

  They saw right through her Their look of shame was mortifying She wanted to runaway   She felt dirty She felt quesy She felt devasted by herself   Their eyes pierced her She knew that they knew She had no words   She felt lonely She felt shame She felt […]

Thank you for being an a$s

Just beat it No one wants to be depleted Your contagious mediocrity is putrefying Your baseless arrogance is stupefying Your extreme pettiness is confining Your false alacrity is mystifying Your careless whisper is clarifying Your exemplary triteness is testifying Your jittery righteousness is  unbecoming Your inharmonious sincerity is […]

Somethings gotta give

I have reached my wall Tired, more tired and then some My bones don’t know whether they are coming or going My mind can’t process anymore jibberish Into a ditch I will fall My face feverishly numb I am all but a drawing My qualms havs become cartoonish […]

75 lightning strikes

Seventy five lightning strikes. That is all that it took. Red always looked good on her and now it was even more striking. It was time to keep this secret quiet. There was nothing more that could be said. The evening had started well enough with a gentle […]