We’ll get the future wrong more often than not

I was riding the NYC Subway today and as I walked up the escalator I came across an ad (for a product that I do not remember) that noted “we’ll always get the future wrong.” Lets face it the Jetsons have been wrong.

A few years ago, those of us who applied for a job position and where asked where we saw ourselves in five years were all wrong.

If there is one thing covid taught us no one us know our future. Are you ok with that?

Categories: Psychology

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  1. Oh God Yes

    Change It’s The

    Best All the Doctors

    Gave me No Prognosis

    For Recovery

    Oh God


    Change Is

    Best i Am Stil

    Disordered Ironically

    With Heaven Still Now

    Who Knew Heaven Could

    BE A Disorder Hall Mary/Helen Indeed..:)


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