Knowing your witching hour

There are certain times in the day when you need an energy boost. You tend to learn that about your body. You know that in the morning you need caffeine. I know that I can’t have coffee after noon. There are certain times for certain things. We learn to time box certain parts of our lives. I know that I try to have a daily bath at either 6pm or midnight. It’s how my body is wired.

Then there is the “witching hour” where one may let the brain go crazy with wild thoughts. Then those wild thoughts need to be adressed in some way. Or so your body pushes you to do so. That’s the witching hour. Some tackle that hour by reaching out to friends. Sometimes to strangers. Some binge watch a series. Some go get a cocktail or two.

These days, there may be one or more witching hours. And constant, diverse coping strategies are needed. And being open about that hour with yourself. What does it all mean?

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  1. ‘Witching Hours’ Where Everything
    Is Buoyant Magic Here’s A
    Secret There Is A Place
    WHere All is
    It Often
    During a Freest
    Dance And Or Song
    Where Time Ceases
    To Exist And Dream-Time
    Awakens Only FLoWinG iN Fruition
    Is Another
    Place A Nether Land
    A Never Ending Story oF LiGHT
    WHeRe DarK Is Only Spice For New Colors..:)


  2. LOL!

    My dead zone is mid-afternoon. Around 3pm is when I start to die.

    My crazy zone is in the late evening when I really ought to be going to bed. It’s when I binge stuff or bury myself in social media or write blog posts that are ever-so-slightly embarrassing the next day.


  3. I love this way of describin those moments. As someone with (a lot of) witching hours…I relate to needing the coping methods. I still havent found foolproof ones tho…


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