The palette of life

The palette of life. A box of chocolates. A traveling carnival. So many ways by which to frame one’s world lens. How to approach life is a daily question and struggle for her. She didn’t tire of it but she was filled with everyday skepticism.

Blue was her color of late. But she wanted to be orange. Today she had a major decision to make. She wanted the right one. However, it was going to be what it will be. To end the moment or keep it going?

Categories: Psychology

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  1. So Long.. Years Since i Painted
    But i Will Still Smell The Colors
    The Palette Tastes Pungent
    Yet The Hues
    to come
    iN Beauty
    So Many New
    Doorways Open
    When Others Close
    It’s Nice to Have my Smell
    Back after Losing it to the More
    Unpopular Corona Cold For A Whole
    Year in 2017.. When The Smell came back
    on the Solar Eclipse That August the Rest of the
    Year With Only The Smell And Taste of Rotting Corpses
    In the Air truly a Feeling of Death in Smell Yet to come Starting
    with Michael the Hurricane And Still Going with Covid-19 The Other
    Yet i Dance
    All The Colors
    as i don’t have to
    Smell The Death Anymore
    it Breathes Now on its own
    Perhaps it is for this is the
    Hour i held my Only Son
    To Die Before Midnight
    On.. July 24th, 1997
    23 Years ago then
    What he taught
    Me Most is
    Breath counts
    as He never got to
    do that on his own
    And i would Never Have
    Any Complaints as My life
    was not only 51 Days of Pain
    i am Not afraid of Living No Matter what
    And Every Door that closes is just another opportunity to Breathe
    The Gift That He Never Had Just to Breathe and Even Smile at Least once….


  2. Theodore Mahlangu
    In yellow, purple, red, blue, green and black umbhalo.
    It is her with her red sun beaded beret.
    UMahlangu uNtungwa.
    The insignia of kingdom.
    The imbokodo of kindom.
    A signature of culture.
    An emblem of Indebele.
    Almond shaped green eyes.
    Confusion of race but grounding of perception.
    Long straight strands of dark brown hair.
    Tell us ntombi, we are all raising eyebrows.
    I yellow bone lakwaNtungwa
    Uphumalanga sikothe wakwaNtungwa.
    Umntwana wenhluthu ezingenagrowth.
    Mixed colours in union.
    Turning heads is your careless attitude.


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