Destruction sometimes means rebirth

I am going to admit it. Like I keanu Reeves. Admittedly, also, he is not the best avtor out there. His movies, however, have often been quite entertaining and gone on to hold a deep grip in our popular culture. Many of us still quote the Matrix and wonder which pill we would take given the option to truly see the stark truth. For others, Bill and Ted’s Ecellent Adventure served as a real history lesson. And, who wouldn’t try to take down an international crime syndicate after they killed our dog? Yes, John Wick barely says 100 words but the movie captured one’s interest. Or at least mine. Again, I like Keanu Reeves. His movies have been of great entertainment value.

Further, I like him because he seems to be a kind, genuine guy who has gone through many tough, dark times personally. I also like that he rides the New York subway. Or at least he did pre-Covid.

I have also taken to heart some of his past statements, such as:
Sometimes enemies are our best teachers, people can learn from their mistakes, destruction sometimes means rebirth.

Yes, we can learn much from those who do not wish us well. We would be wise to do so. Further, there are times where mistakes, failures, and a sense of destruction can reanimate one. They can spur one into action that resets our lives. A rebirth of sorts. Silver lining? Sure. Reframing our life lens? Absolutely.

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