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Hazy shade of spring: I went bold with a gathering

I’m not typically so bold but this year I went bold. Very bold. Well, not that bold. But some thought I was bold.I hate throwing birthday parties. I threw one for my son a few years back and I was a nervous wreck. I was worried no one would show up. I was worried that I didn’t get enough pizza. I was worried he wouldn’t have fun. All that worrying was for naught. Whew! I got through it and promised never again. I’ve never even had my own birthday party. I did throw an Oscar viewing party complete with a red carpet and trophy awards.With all that said, this year I decided to go ahead and plan a little “party” for myself. See, the thing is it always rains on my birthday. It may be sunny and 80 degrees and it will still rain at some point even if just for 30 seconds. It is always that way. I’ve come to terms with it. But this year, I wanted to just do something new. I wanted to openly celebrate my birthday without caring whether it came off as crass or silly.Thus, I planned a birthday outing and gathered some troops. And people seemed to like it. We ate, joked, and shopped. We were silly and bonded. That’s the thing. I gathered a group of people who often do not gather together. That was the fun part. By daring to openly celebrate my birthday I brought people together who could use some bonding. And it felt nice. Now, we will have an ongoing birthday club. And, I got to buy a very funky blouse. A win-win.

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  1. As a bloke I am an expert on woman’s fashion and have to say; it looks like a blue thing
    But happy birthday all the same and know that I’m the type to say ‘it’s a thing’ to a new mother so no offence intended with my fashion advice!!
    I would send you a card but the nurses on the ward keep taking away anything I can try and use to escape, one little escapade in a shopping centre with a bedpan and a pair of toy sharks and ‘I’m a threat to the sanity of others’!!


  2. It’s better to suit yourself and arrange what you want, than to feel devastated because no one arranged the perfect celebration for you.

    I learned that a long time ago. And from that point on, had the best birthday picnics with all the friends I wanted to see.


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