I think I have seen the grossest thing ever

I was doing a completely tedious thing this weekend. I was going through my personal email account. I was trying to get rid of unread messages. I was trying to cut down on stored messages. I didn’t get anywhere near where I needed to. But I did come across a couple of fun email messages to others and to myself.

One such email was from April 20th, 2015. I had written it to myself. The subject of the email was “I think I’ve seen the grossest thing ever.” And that was it. There was nothing in the body of the email. Nothing. In thinking back to that date, I kind of know where I was. I can maybe guess what it was that I saw that day. Maybe. But let me tell you I’ve seen many gross things. Sadly. I can run through the list but maybe it would be too gross to share here.

At the time I was in San Francisco, when people were talking about fecal matter maps in the bay area. Let’s just say I know those maps were right. Further, I often used to joke about the sweet smell of urine in the morning. Don’t ask. Nothing against San Francisco. I actually found the city to be quite beautiful.

I also have seen other grossosities. Yes, I made up a word. Why not? Everyone is doing it. I have been at a training where the person next to me pulled out q-tips and started cleaning out their ears and leaving the dirty swabs on the shared table. I declined lunch that day. Hilariously (not really) that same thing has happened to me on Amtrak. But that story is deeper than that and I will share that at another point in time. I have also seen random men call random women hortific names on the street as well as on Amtrak. That’s not physically gross but it is gross himan behavior.

Whatever it was that I saw that day four years ago may remain a forever mystery. But, rest assured, I am not convinced it was the grossest thing ever. There are way too many gross things we often have to muddle through.

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  1. Disgust is an interesting Human Characteristic Trait
    i Haven’t done a Peer Reviewed study yet but considering
    that Generally Speaking Conservative Natured Folks are more
    Likely to be Disgusted than Liberal Folks wonder how many
    as Opposed
    to Republican now
    i’m betting most of them
    are Liberal Leaning as oh Lord
    how could you be a Nurse and be
    easily disgusted.. it’s just like a Sweaty
    Person or a
    what may be
    Gross to one Person
    may just be the Cat’s Meow
    to another or the Dog’s Woof too..
    My Wife is very easily Disgusted
    if she had her way i’d take a
    Shower outside after i
    Oh Lord the
    Dog House and all of that too..;)


  2. How some people can be so grim in public sometimes really baffles me, like using a q-tip in front of people and leaving it on a shared table, yuck. “Grossosities”, I like it, that should go in the dictionary! x


  3. Whew! I was imagining a photo to go along with this post and so clicked on it cautiously. Then again, what you may have considered gross back then might be old hat now. Good post, as usual….making me think and all. 🙂


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