It’s a bright, sunny loved-filled day: Happy birthday my wonderful son!


Today is an absolutely wonderful day. It is a glorious day. I am tickled and ecstatic. On this day ten years ago my son was born. He came into the world, bright-eyed and full of hair. He scanned the room with his big eyes and took it all in. I looked at him looking at the world and I was in love. I just wanted to hug and squeeze him forever and ever. Luckily for me, Facebook sends me constant reminders of all of the photographs that I have posted of him since he was born. And, I am not being facetious about that bit. I am not a huge Facebook fan but I do like those memory reminders in the morning. Each morning I love to take photos of the sunrise. And, I love to think of his milestones throughout the years. Throughout a decade! Yikes.


I will readily admit that I have a twinge of sadness. See, he is growing up so fast. I am thrilled by the type of person he is growing into. He has integrity, compassion, and empathy for others. He has a keen sense of justice and fairness.   He is goofy and silly and loves to laugh with me.  He fills my heart with joy. When he is sad, I am sad. When he is happy I am ecstatic. I want to always be there for him but I also know he will have to do things on his own little by little.  Despite his age, I learn lots from him. He has taught ne much and I look forward to leanring more.


He is my everything. I am lucky to have him as my son. I am honored to know him. Happy birthday my one and only. Ten years old and such a wise soul already! And the world awaits!


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  1. Happy Birthday to your boy…. I’m here to tell you the years fly by. It feels like yesterday when I carried my daughter home from the hospital. I’ve seen her give birth to three boys of her own, and was there to help her carry them home. Two of them now live, with their girlfriends; the third just had his nineteenth birthday.
    Yet, it still seems like yesterday when I held my baby girl..
    Happy Many Returns to you and your son… 🙂


  2. Happy birthday if you would love to take him on a nice little getaway I am a travel agent and looking to give away 5 vouchers to my destination 3 day 2 nights. Hotel is free just have to pay for the hotel taxes.


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