Now it is just down to one: Being on the road towards achievement

Now it is just down to one

2015-06-25 13.35.56

My road trip is nearing its end. Although I love road trips, it is about time to head home and have ready access to some comforts of life such as a coffee maker and know television channels.  We have done a cross-country trip four other times so we are used to this long haul. We varied the route up a bit so that I could hit 3 out of my 4 remaining states before I can be part of the 50 state club. Not only states but I have also been to several of the US territories; my family being from one.

Before this trip, I had not been to S. Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Alaska. Now, it is just Alaska. This has been an absolutely fun roadtrip has it served several goals including moving to my new home and getting really, really close to a major life goal.  I have literally been on a highway, the proverbial road, towards achievement It may seem silly to some but doing this road trip and getting closer to achieving a set life goal clears one vision and allows a certain sense of freedom to imbue the spirit. It is not a bucket list endeavor. It is a life setting endeavor. From here, I can achieve more and more goals.

I could not be happier that my son is with me as I set about achieving such a goal.  He can see early on in life what it means to strive, set goals and reach them.  I can only hope that a spirit of adventure and clear vision becomes part of him going forward.  Of course, he will probably no remember all of this trip.  He will remember the water slide in South Dakota and the fact that I got stung at the “Welcome to Idaho” sign.  He will probably also remember the storms that best our early path as we drove out from New York into the midwest in the midst of tornado activity. At one point we just had to pull over due to the extremely heavy storm that did not allow us to see even an inch in front of us.  There were two nights where we had to keep going a bit because the local hotels were sold out due to random things going on in the small town such as a business closing and corporate staff in town to retain those that remain.  It was quite an adventure.  One can even think of this road trip as a character-setting adventure. It built us up.

Now that we will be back home we will not have to make sure to use the restroom every 50 minutes (equivalent of 50 miles) due to fear of not finding another rest stop for over 100 miles (which was the case in Idaho).  Now that we are home, we do not need to keep singing to the same three songs that are played across America. Which by the way, are Shut up and Dance, Sugar, and Worth It.  Taylor Swift and new Direction also were played continuously but we tended to switch the station rather quickly at those points.  What did amuse me about these songs was the fact that my son knew their lyrics and could sing to them better than I could. I wondered where in the world did he even first hear these songs? We do not listen much to the radio at home.  Somehow he was up to date on pop culture.  As such the road trip served to give me some insights into the life and mind of a six year old.  I learned he had more extensive vocabulary than I thought. I learned that he likes to use the word “actually” a lot.  I also saw that he is still very much the “mayor”. We are used to him being very friendly and outgoing. On the road he was still the little guy that went and introduced himself to everyone and gave his opinion. The open road presented him no fears, other than not having access to the Cartoon Network.

I do hope he remembers this going forward. It will be interesting in cool in a decade to check back in and see what he remembers of this trip and see what it is that may have had the long-lasting impact.

Now onwards to Alaska!

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