Goodbye toxic man

A new perspective

Healthy frame of mind is bliss

Goodbye toxic man


One day our paths will cross again.

I will smile and note that your toxicity no longer bleeds into my being.

Your pettiness has been noted and stored away for future remembrance.

Go get your sycophants elsewhere. slowly they will all come to realize what type of person you are.

Loneliness does not suit your deeply kneaded soul and body.

One day that false armor will stare you back in the mirror.

Do not run for that is you.

That is the you we have come to see.

May you read these words and understand.

Goodby toxic man.

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  1. I like it! The simplicity of the honesty it’s just enough to bring out those emotions of liberation… Sometimes we just to say Goodbye toxic man or woman… I’ve really enjoy it! You are such a poet!


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