Competition revs me up: haiku and aspiration

Competition Revs me Up

My blood runs hot with glee

Competition revs me up

Nothing holds me back

Bring it! Bring it on! I never shy away from a competition. It is not that I am a green-eyed jealous monster to the 10th degree. I see what others have and I think I can do it as well. Why not? At times I engage in what psychologists refer to as “upward comparisons.”  I compare myself to others that may have something I do not and I strive for it. Upward comparisons could be unhealthy if one constantly compares oneself to others that are better off and you let it get you down. I don’t do that. I have a healthy sense of knowing that i also have it better than many other people in life. I seek a healthy medium space psychologically where I use my comparisons to be aspirational in motivation. I do not let jealousy get the better of me. As a matter of fact I often don’t feel jealous. If I ever feel such an emotion it last s for about 10 minutes and then I come up with a plan of attack. A plan for how I can attain what I want. Today I am making such a list and checking it twice and moving on upwards.



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