The hills of San Francisco are made for motorcycles

The hills of San Francisco are made for biking

I went for a great Saturday morning walk from one end of my city block to the other end in San Francisco. My walk was akin to a roller coaster where I went up and down numerous city-street  hills. Throughout my walk I came to realize that San Francisco seems to be made for motorcycles.


First off, there are not that many parking spaces. Thus, a motorcycle means you have a higher likelihood of finding a parking space.


Second, if you “drive” a motorcycle it probably means you like the air pushing you forward and you are a bit of a thrill-seeker.  What better way to seek a thrill than riding a motorcycle up and down the hills of San Francisco?  I would never consider riding a bike in New York. In San Francisco, that is another story.


Third, the sun plays hide and seek with San Franciscans everyday and every corner. Thus, riding a motorcycle through San Francisco is like being in a film noir movie where shadows dance across the body.


Considering that I have never had a driver’s license you will not catch me driving a motorcycle. However, it does seem fun considering how slanted every street is and thus you will undoubtedly feel like you are on a topsy turvy trip.


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